Thank you

Stephen | April 2015

Thank you to everyone at Balben for taking care of the transfer of my property.  I think you did a great job!


Dick | April 2015

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience with this sale of mine. I know it took up a lot of your employees' staff time, and you and I had some heated words last year when the contracts were misplaced, but that's all in the past and I was really surprised and very grateful that you gave me a discount on your companies services.


As a long time customer, since Ian started the company in 1988, I really appreciate the support you continue to give me and I will continue to ask and promote your services with friends and family.  I just wish you could conduct conveyancing services outside Victoria.

Until the next purchase/sale.


Rohan | February 2014

I appreciate all the work done for the negotiation and settlement on my property.  Your staff have been fantastic, and your availability to your clients' is exceptional.

Once again, thanks for your time. I shall no doubt have more work for Balben in the near future!



We Understand

Buying and or selling property can be one of the biggest decisions made in life, and we understand the stress and uncertainty it can place on you.

Over our 26 years we have not only expanded but streamlined our services so we can take a lot of the stress and pressure out of Conveyancing by doing the running around and work that other Solicitors & Conveyancers will make you do!


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